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NeetoDesk is an helpdesk ticketing solution, provides customer support operations. Helps empowering your team with customisable ticket fields, automation rules, intelligent routing, SLA management and collision detection. Seamlessly integrate with Slack, GitHub, and Linear. NeetoDesk helps elevating customer support experience.

Why choose NeetoDesk?

Customizable Ticket Fields

You can leverage custom ticket fields to collect more information about the incident or the customer. These additional fields can be added to a support ticket or request form to capture more specific details from customers.

Automation Rules

Automation rules in NeetoDesk help you perform pre-defined actions automatically when certain events occur. These rules can streamline and automate various tasks, reducing the workload on support staff and improving customer response times.

Intelligent Ticket Routing

NeetoDesk intelligently distribute customer tickets among support agents. This ensures that each ticket is assigned to the most appropriate agent based on their expertise and workload. NeetoDesk offers two effective routing options: Round-Robin routing and Load-Balance routing.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement, enables you to establish a ticket response and resolution deadline based on the ticket's priority and business hours. This feature helps establish clear customer expectations and ensures that agents provide the top-tier level of service that customer requires.

Smart Collision Detection

NeetoDesk's collision detection feature notifies agents when others are already responding to a ticket in order to prevent duplicated efforts. This ensures smooth coordination, avoids confusion, and maintains a unified support approach for customers.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Satisfaction rating allows you to collect direct feedback from customers after interactions, enabling you to gauge support quality accurately. After resolving a support ticket, a survey is sent to the customer, asking them to rate the quality of the support.



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